Monday, April 6, 2009

Benny's Birthday

My dad Benny's birthday was a blast! (If you want to guess how old he is, here's a hint: his age is now a prime number.) Since the end of April Fool's Day, I've worked hard on my homemade birthday card for him, and here is a picture of the front. --->
He loved it, as well as the other cards he got from the rest of my family. It is a long-honored tradition in my family that on someones birthday, no matter if there are no presents or cake, the very least one can do is give a birthday card, either store-bought or hand-made.
My brother, sister and I hold great pride in the fact that we are accomplished personal greeting card writers; we keep getting better and better each year.


  1. Oh! How long until Pesach??? I forgot it was so close! I can't wait for it.


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