Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Toastmaster Doodles

Last Monday, I was a guest at my mom's Toastmasters meeting. Currently she belongs to a different club than Bettina and me. From time to time, just to mix it up a little, we visit her club, and it's always a pleasure to meet her fellow members and hear some interesting speeches. This particular night however, not only did I watch my mom deliver her 4th speech (so proud of her by the way ^_^), I also did a few random doodles on my agenda handout. Take a look here.
First, the unaltered paper:

Now, the be-doodled one with lots of random, cutesy pictures. Don't ask me why they're there.

From top to bottom, let's see what we have here:
shy bunny thinking about a carrot,
a computer that says "HI",
striped cat thinking about an empty bird-cage (with the bird himself actually perching on the kitty's tail),
a tall tree thin enough to fit in the left-margin,
random flight of stairs,
bouncing ball flying over a dude with a see-thru skull,
an elephant on a diet (my brother Adam had such a funny look when I told him that's what it was),
pretty non-assuming little flower,
part of the Toastmaster's logo itself (compare to the picture in this link: TM Logo.jpg) with a plane flying around it (in outer-space o.O),
hand and pen,
dwarf-type guy peering over "The Mission of Our Club",
something that vaguely looks like a air-field wind-sock or something,
a flock of birds sitting on the wire,
a shiny medal near the "awards" section,
a black cat looking up at a cockatoo parrot,
the "M&Ms" logo (had a pack of them during the meeting),
a roughly drawn woman,
a stork,
a scary mask,
well-drawn guy in glasses,
and of the speakers themselves
Everything was drawn with a thin, black, Crayola marker that I found in a big marker bin. What fun they were to do. Hope you like them.

As a bonus, here is a neat animated-GIF morphing-trick I learned in Adobe Fireworks. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Yellow Submarine"
Plus: Animated Progression GIF

This week, I've been working on something very special and dear to my heart: the album cover of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine".

Why is this picture so special? Let me put it to you this way: the animated movie "Yellow Submarine" was one of those movies that defined my childhood. I loved it. As a kid, my sister and I would watch over and over and over again.
To this day, we can still recite whole scenes from the movie by heart. Don't even get me started!

My dad is a HUGE Beatles fan (having lived through the 60's and all that), so in our family, Beatles music was always playing, always present, always fun to sing and dance along to. I created this so I could express the joy that this colorful, wacky movie and album gave (and continues to give) me.

Notice the word "LOVE" in proud red/yellow stripes coming out the top? That part's not on the original image! It adds a nice personal touch, plus it pretty much summarizes the whole message of Beatles' music in general.

As a bonus, here's an animated-gif I created so you guys can see how my painting progressed from pencil drawing to finished masterpiece without having to scroll another inch! Ta-da!