Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Yellow Submarine"
Plus: Animated Progression GIF

This week, I've been working on something very special and dear to my heart: the album cover of the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine".

Why is this picture so special? Let me put it to you this way: the animated movie "Yellow Submarine" was one of those movies that defined my childhood. I loved it. As a kid, my sister and I would watch over and over and over again.
To this day, we can still recite whole scenes from the movie by heart. Don't even get me started!

My dad is a HUGE Beatles fan (having lived through the 60's and all that), so in our family, Beatles music was always playing, always present, always fun to sing and dance along to. I created this so I could express the joy that this colorful, wacky movie and album gave (and continues to give) me.

Notice the word "LOVE" in proud red/yellow stripes coming out the top? That part's not on the original image! It adds a nice personal touch, plus it pretty much summarizes the whole message of Beatles' music in general.

As a bonus, here's an animated-gif I created so you guys can see how my painting progressed from pencil drawing to finished masterpiece without having to scroll another inch! Ta-da!


  1. Is lovin' the gif presentation.

  2. Thanks Rainy for your continued support. You've always been a valued fan/friend.

    I'm thinking of doing animated-GIFS of my work from now on.

  3. Awesome Annette, you are just amazing...

  4. My dad introduced me to The Yellow Submarine when I was a kid. I watched it with him a lot. I love that movie. It was a fundamental part of my childhood.


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