Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boston ~ 2 Animaniacs Drawings

July 1~Woke up really early this morning, around 6:30. Bettina wasn't up, and I was still very psyched after watching the wonderful "Wakko's Wish" Animaniacs movie the previous night, so I found on Google Images a webpage of how to draw Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner, and I proceeded to draw them in my trusty sketchbook, which I brought with me on this trip but frankly hadn't used up till now. Here's the picture, I hope I did a good job in my reader's opinion (as an artist I need other people's criticism):--->

June 2~This morning I did another Animaniacs drawing, and here is the picture to the right. ---> I could've done Yakko better, but I'm proud of my Dot.


  1. I loved this entry, detailed & funny...you are a great writer Annette!

  2. Finished! I actually read through all that in one sitting! Sounds like your all having fun, sorry you both had to clean up after those guys though, sounds aweful!

    And I'm glad I got you hooked :^) I love Wakko the best, he's my favorite!

  3. Sorry, typo. Just ignore the "e" in aweful.


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