Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boston ~ Yakko's Head and Caricatures

July 3~This morning I drew a picture of Yakko's face (shown here, cute, isn't he?), and memorized the first verse of the song called Yakko's World (watch the movie, it's amazing). It's not really that hard once you watch the clip over and over to memorize the first verse, but the other countries later in the song are sung faster and faster and they're harder to pronounce. (Animaniacs. It's an obsession.)

July 4~We had a caricature artist do a picture of both of us, and here is a photo of the final product! In my opinion he made me look more like Tina Fey than myself, but other than that he did a good job. It only took him 7-8 minutes to draw, so I'm pretty impressed. We chatted a little as we posed and he drew, and it was really fascinating. I am intrigued by artists of this sort, because through the years they must meet a lot of people and gain a lot of experience in honing their talent.


  1. I always get mixed up in the song when it comes around to Africa, I always miss a few words, he goes way too fast for me! Well, it was too bad about the forks, but I think it's a bit silly. I mean, when was the last time you heard someone getting majorly injured with a fork?

    Ohhh, fireworks, amazing!So pretty. . .

  2. On YouTube there's a clip of Yakko singing at a slower speed. Here's the link if you want to try and get it right.
    I wonder where this skill will come in useful, knowing how to sing all the nations of the world from 1993 (not all countries in the song are still countries today, take Czechoslovakia, it's now split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia).


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