Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mountains in Burnt Umber

Since my Uncle Danny left I've kept learning about watercolor painting. I've taken out instructional DVDs hosted by one Frank Clarke (check out his website, simplypainting.com), and I've adopted his method, "H", "S", "M", "F". These letters stand for the 4 elements in a painting, the Horizon, Sky, Middle-ground, and Foreground, but they can also stand for the words in the sentence "Have Some More Fun", which is what painting as a hobby is all about. I really like the usage of an easy-to-remember mnemonic device. Anyway, I copied this from one of his lessons, but I still think it's great, and all my family loves it. Instead of keeping it in my notebook like my other paintings, I ripped it out and fashioned a homemade frame out of a regular black office folder. It stands upright!

My grandparents are coming over this Friday, I can't wait for them to see my painting!


  1. You forgot a "D." I love the depth in this one!

  2. Oh where oh where did I forget a "D"?

    On an editing note, my grandparents really liked my painting. No surprise for me, with the folks I've got. Still.


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