Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paper Weaving Art

Here is a piece of Paper Weaving I created in an hour or two this morning. It was really fun to do. I used an exact-o-knife to cut the slits and the stripes.

I just did it because I saw an example in a paper-crafts book and got inspired by the pictures of other weavings. Weaving is really a great activity that requires focus, but at the same time it's relaxing. And it stays creative while also being a repetitive task. How convenient! I might use this technique for a birthday card someday.

Recently I slapped together a couple birthday cards on short notice; one of them I witnessed being read by the birthday person, the other one was sent the old-fashioned way, so I'll have to wait until they come over to visit to get their reaction. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of either of them, so as time will pass I will forget what my creations looked like, unless somehow they get saved instead of getting thrown out. I don't throw out my birthday cards.

I'm very proud of my creative abilities, yet I still get pleasantly surprised whenever I create something pleasing to my eye. I hope to continue to get better and better at creating art and learning new things and performing experiments just like I did today. Thanks for checking out my blog. Comment if you have something to share.

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  1. Have you ever tried crocheting? Now that's what I find relaxing.

    Though I don't think you could use it to make a card for anyone. Happy birthday to whoever(s)!


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